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Adam Berenson:  piano
Scott Barnum: double-bass
Bob Moses: percussion

Recorded August 21, 1999
Knoop Music: River Edge, New Jersey
Engineer: Jim Campbell

1. The Form Of Love
2. Emotional Idiot
3. The Silent Gliding On Of Existence
4. Sepulchral Vicissitudes
5. Atavistic Mysteries
6. Seeking In The Other A Place Of Knowledge Supplanting Neurosis 
    (Rather Than Its Opposite)
7. Some Voices Carry
8. No Thickness, Just Location
9. Brief Encounter (Gentle Eternal Agony)
10. The World As Television and Political Impetus
11. The    Is Gone
12. Chuck Close
13. The Tomb Of Alexandra

    Nine Bagatelles
    14. Chronological Logic
    15. Hypocrisy Slowly Killing
    16. Epictetus Encounters Woody Allen
    17. Dementia Prae-Cox
    18. Friday December 11: 2:43 PM
    19. The Geometric Progression Of Alienation
    20. Inwardness
    21. Skin Heads Never Bowl Alone    
    22. Stanley Kubrick

23. Gothic Interior
24. The Dark Lady Upsets Your Fortunate Internal Choreography
25. Music About Music About Love
26. Bad Faith (The Form Of Madness)

All titles by Adam Berenson except those listed below which are by Adam Berenson, Scott Barnum, and Bob Moses:

Chronological Logic
Hypocryisy Slowly Killing
Dimentia Praecox
Friday December 11: 2:43 PM
The Geometric Progression of Alienation
Skin Heads Never Bowl Alone
Bad Faith (The Form Of Madness)