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A Codex of Silent Voices (2010)

This album is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Goldie Goldberg Fastman.

Recorded January 8, 2010
Recorded by Daoud Shaw at Radioactive Productions, Philadelphia PA.

Adam Berenson: Piano, Percussion, Electronically processed percussion
Bill Marconi:  Percussion, Electronically processed percussion

1)  Transpersonal
2)  through this stillness
3)  comfort of oblivion
4)  ...a study in...
5)  Don't Destroy Love
6)  Invisible Threads
7)  Anamorphosis
8)  Be My Mirror
9)  The Everlasting
10) The Thing
11) It Is Possible
12) The Other
13) Scherzo
14) I Don't Know Where I'm Going
15) Grief Fills the Room Up
16) Interstices
17) written on air
18) Yasujiro Ozu
19) Truth Lives 

All titles by Adam Berenson and Bill Marconi